THE INJECTION ACCESSORIES 13 Supply systems Spesan masonry packer Ø 10 mm Ø 25 mm SK packer BVS Ø 40mm Ø 54 mm SK supply pipe IBO injection drilling anchor Application characteristics Short stable bore holes with small diameter Long stable bore holes with large diameter Short unstable holes with small diameter Long unstable bore holes with large diameter Application examples Sealing and consolidation of masonry and concrete Sealing of sheet pile walls bored pile walls slurry walls anchor heads shafts and walk in tunnels Sealing and consolidation of rock mass underwater concrete bored pile and slurry walls Sealing and consolidation of sand and gravel Sealing consolidation and anchoring of rock mass and loose rock The two components of the injection resin system are pumped separately in high pressure hoses that can be extended by 10 m sections The hoses end with ball valves which in turn connect to a T coupling The mixing pipe with the mixed elements for the production of the polyurethane resin forms the heart of the injection accessory A variety of different injection systems for a number of applications can be connected to the mixing pipe The following table summarizes a number of example applications Find out more about the individual components here http spesan eu main php lan en cont produktinjektionszubehoer direct link The injection accessories are based on a modular design

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