THE INJECTION RESIN SYSTEMS 9 The bases for the injection resin are polyurethanes which consist of two components One of the components is called SPESAN B and is used in all SPESAN injection resin systems The extensive reaction characteristics result from different A components which can be processed at the const ruction site without prior mixing The liquid components are packaged in 20 litre disposable cans Our injection resins have the following special properties Excellent adhesive properties even on wet surfaces Very high strength e g up to 60 N mm compressive and flexural strength in unfoamed resin Exceptional penetration into the smallest cracks and fissures through the low viscosity and self injection volume increase via foaming High reliability of the products in the event of an overload of the resin body deformation reduces the stress and the force fitted adhesion remains Very environmentally friendly free of CFCs halogen and solvents SPESAN was the first to obtain approval for polyurethane systems for environmental protection injection grouting from the German Institute for Construction Technology Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik DIBt High degree of chemical resistance Exceptional penetration even when the structure is 100 watersaturated Foamed resin does not shrink Lasting injection success with over 20 years of experience Very high application certainty due to the volume dependent mixing ratio of 1 1 Not a hazardous substance Specimen for the study of environmental impact

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