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accessories in a modular system

The heart of the injection accessories is the mixing pipe with the mixing elements to produce the Polyurethane resin. Up to here the equipment is the same for all injection applications.

The mixing pipe can be connected to various injection systems for different requirements which are summarised in the following table together with some application examples.

SPESAN masonry packer
10mm 25 mm

short stable bore holes with small diameter
sealing and strengthening of masonry and concrete
sealing of sheet piling walls, anchor heads, shafts, man-sized canals and slim bored pile walls
SK packer BVS
Ø 34 mm Ø 80 mm
long stable bore holes with large diameter
sealing and consolidation of rock masses, under water concrete, bored pile walls and diaphragm walls
SK injection pipe
short unstable holes with small diameter
sealing and consolidation of sand and gravel
IBO injection anchor
long unstable bore holes with large diameter
sealing, consolidation and anchoring of rock masses, granular soil and massive masonry walls